TWSPL’s bag turner is used to change the orientation of bags in a conveyor line. Bag turners are used in bag conveying lines to align the bag before or after bag closing and sewing lines, for bag flatteners prior to being palletized or simply to lay the bag flat on the conveying line of stability

These are fully automated units from TWSPL to change the direction or orientation of filled bags / sacks they provide excellent reliability & presentation of finished packs for palletizing.

This high speed bad turner device turns bags 90°,180° or 270°, depending on the desired pattern,allowing manufactured to position the product so that the bottom(butt) of the bag or the printed panel will face out when palletized.

When bag orientation is required, the bag is conveyed into position above the turner, and the turner moves vertically to lift the bag from below, supporting the entire weight of the bag as it is positioned. This eeficient action maintains the bag’s shape for efficient palletizing. If product orientation is not required, the re-postioner retracts below the roller conveyor, and bags are smoothly transported above the turner for palletizing.

Technical data
Speed—up to 20 Bags/min
Adjustable height conveyor legs to accommodate most bag sizes