The TWSPL Bulk Online Weighers provides continuous accurate measurement of product weight.TWSPL manufactures Bulk Online Weighers in 2 variants.

1. With single Weighers
2. With Dual Weighers

Bulk Online Weighing (Dual Weigher)

TWSPL’s bulk Online Weighing systems are ideal for use wherever bulk weighing is required. The Dual Scale Bulk Weighers consists of two weigh hoppers side by side, all contained in one structure. A continuous feed stream allows one hopper to fill while the other is discharging, thus eliminating the need for an upper chamber. The two measuring hoppers are thus alternately filled, measured and discharged. This substantially reduces the height of the entire system. This arrangement offers advantages over conventional bulk online weighers designs because of smaller draft sizes which decreases product damage caused by impact loading and surging.

Bulk Online Weighing (Single Weigher)

The Single Scale Bulk Weigh consists of an upper, weigh chamber and lower chamber all contained in one structure. Product is continuously fed into the system and weighed & discharged into the lower chamber to continue along the selected flow path. Product is stored in the upper chamber until the weighment is complete and the weigh hopper is ready to accept another draft. TWSPL’s bulk weigh structures are custom designed and fabricated to fit the customer’s specific application and capacity.

Capacity: 3 TPH to 350 TPH