Use of big bags in the bulk materials sector is constantly increasing. Dust-free emptying, fast and secure handling and an ergonomically ideal design for the emptying stations have priority for this application.

The basic station consists of:

  • A vibrating bottom
  • A discharge funnel
  • A heavy steel frame

The Big-Bag is attached to a hoist device for better handling. Following the hoist device with the Big-Bag is picked up by a hoist or a forklift and is manoeuvred over the vibrating bottom. The vibrating bottom is suspended in the heavy steel frame by means of spiral springs. A sideways mounted imbalance unit generates the vibrating action, to improve the product flow. The discharge funnel is integrated with the vibrating bottom and it is provided with a large access hatch to untie the outlet spout of the Big-Bag. Because the Big-Bag covers the funnel completely there is a closed system while discharging, which creates a dust-proof unit. The funnel is also provided with a flange-connection for a dedusting unit. The de-dusting creates an air compensation while discharging. The heavy steel frame is a solid construction of completely closed and welded box profiles. In the funnel, beneath the access hatch, a screening-grid is mounted to intercept possible lumps and large pollutions. The grid is detachable.


  • Space saving integral bag hoist with runway beam
  • Dispensing of contents by volume or weight
  • Integral conveyor or feeder
  • Quiet operation
  • No Forklift truck required
  • Full dust control