Jumbo Bag Filling station is used for dust free and efficient filling of Big Bags and FIBC’s, suitable for all kind of Bulk Solids (Granules, powder, pellets and flakes) with various flow characteristics.

The options of using gross or net weighing is available depending on speed requirement.
Can be adapted for wide variety of Big Bag design.
The following Dosing feeders with controls are available for filling material into the Jumbo Bags depending on material properties.

  • Gravity Feeder
  • Screw Feeder
  • Belt Feeder
  • Vibratory Feeder

Empty Bag is suspended by hanging the four loops of the Big Bag. The inlet spout is clamped on a pneumatic Bag holder. The Jumbo Bag is inflated using an independent blower so that it will get a better shape during filling.

The weight of the bag is tared in gross machine. The material is fed to the bag at coarse and fine feed till the target weight is reached. The Machine is equipped with connection flange for ventilation and or dust exhaust. Dust collection connection points are provided to ensure dust free loading.

The Machine comes with the following features

  • Bottom Vibration arrangement-For proper compaction of the material during filling.
  • Roller Bed conveying-For automatic Feeding and conveying of the Pallets.(Optional)