Bagging Weigher

Bagging Weighers are used for filling preset weight of material in Bags. Techno Weigh Systems manufactures both Net and Gross type Bagging Machines for open mouth bags In Net type Bagging Machine material is first to a Weigh hopper mounted on loadcells and then discharged to bag In Gross type Machines material is directly feed and Weighed in the Bag

Gross Bagging

Techno Weigh Systems Bag filling Machine is designed for automatic filling of material in open mouth bags. In gross filling machines material is weighed directly in the bag. The machine uses the microcomputer technology combined with load cell technology to provide comprehensive and flexible control. Depending upon the flow characteristics of the material Gravity Feeder, Screw feeder, Vibrator feeder or Belt feeders are used for feeding material from the Surge hopper to the weigh hopper.


Designed to meet harsh demand of Industrial environment, TAB C01-02 series SWIFT controller has built in protection against mains voltage fluctuations and electrical interference. SWIFT is easy to set due to its large Graphic LCD display. It optimizes through auto compensation,auto zero and dribble feed quantity control. Modbus RTU 2 or 4 wire is provided for remote setting and reporting.